Perfect Pear

Perfect Pear is a Canadian PR agency, and we teamed up with them to create their new brand identity. A company that puts deep client relationships at the heart of everything it does, our challenge here was to put this differentiator front and centre in the new branding.

In an industry that can sometimes feel a bit corporate and impersonal, Perfect Pear was conceived to be the opposite of that. Focused on building deep relationships, and becoming a truly collaborative extension of their clients’ teams, the challenge for us was to communicate this difference. Our client was keen to set themselves apart and emphasise ideas of partnership, trust, and reliability.

So, we knew from the outset that this fresh perspective was going to be our driving inspiration, and we set about creating an approachable identity that conveys a positive, engaging, and collaborative client experience, and also one that encourages confidence in the quality of work.

This started with a logo that represented this idea of a partnership. In the main feature of the logo, the 2 ‘Ps’, we stretched one of these letters (using the Wide weight of the Druk typeface). When brought together into “PP”, we wanted this to reflect the idea of client and provider coming together – 2 different, yet similar, parts of the equation, united in a singular vision.

We also quite liked the idea of conveying Perfect Pear’s fresh perspective by actually playing with the perspective of the letters.

This widened feature of the typeface is maintained throughout the marketing materials of the brand, and gave us a great tool to apply that unique and fresh touch, and to introduce playfulness into the brand voice.

The most important place for us to bring the new Perfect Pear branding to life was on their website (which you can see here). Taking the visual identity we had created, it was important that the website felt like something new in the PR industry – a completely fresh voice in the field.

With a vibrant colour palette carefully balanced throughout the site, we wanted to use this energy to help attract a like-minded clientele who were looking for an innovative and forward-thinking partner.

The energy of these colours, and the boldness and playfulness of the Druk typeface, were also the perfect supporting cast for the brand voice we wanted to establish – one that was confident, accessible, and also conversational.

And by being human, and occasionally tongue-in-cheek, we could prevent confidence from spilling into arrogance, and create a brand you can trust and relate to. We could balance being light-hearted with being professional, to ensure we never detracted from the seriousness of the actual work itself.

And as you navigate the website, this feeling that the brand is having a conversation with you was the ideal way to put partnerships and relationships at the centre of the experience. The result is a website that presents a brand you can trust and an agency you can rely on.

The next place for us to turn our attention was the Perfect Pear print assets. Again, as a PR agency so focused on relationship-building, it was important that we could complete the client experience through branded gift packages, thank you cards, and other such materials.

The brand voice here continues in being human and approachable. And by being so consistent (both visually and tonally) from the start of the client experience to the end, we authentically reinforce the Perfect Pear brand values: partnership, trust, and reliability.