Karena Evans

One of the most sought-after talents in entertainment, directing for Drake, Coldplay, Adidas, and more, we crafted a visual identity for Karena that portrays her as a visionary and an industry powerhouse, and also captures her character and the themes that underpin her work.

Karena Evans is one of the most exciting directing and acting talents in entertainment. Having directed videos for the likes of Drake, Coldplay, and Adidas, and now working in film, TV, and fashion, Karena needed a brand identity to match her ever-growing influence.

Quickly after being introduced to her, we quickly realised our creative compatibility. We both truly appreciate the power of visual communication, and value the thought and process that goes into creating something meaningful. As an artist whose work is already making global impacts, she needed an identity that portrayed her as the visionary she is. An identity that could grow with her as her career continues to skyrocket. An identity that is true to her, but also established her as an industry powerhouse. Just as importantly, it needed to carry the same relevance and gravitas across all of her fields of work: TV, film, music, and fashion. 

The result was a brand that carefully balanced neutrality and distinction. Karena is a storyteller who sees herself as a conduit for creativity, and so her identity needed this humility. But crucially, her work builds on a rich history of storytelling, and adds a truly unique voice to that history. Her identity therefore carries these associations, bringing the timelessness of her craft into modernity. 

The bold use of red reflects the vibrancy of her character, the underlying theme of empowerment in her work, and the consistent use of the colour in her films. This is balanced and softened with a warm “paper” colour, which also references the history of storytelling by mimicking the colour of parchment.

Ultimately, Karena Evans now has a brand that possesses just as much depth, meaning, and thought as everything she puts her name to. It has given her an umbrella identity under which all of her work can live, which her audience can build a relationship with, and which helps Karena on her journey to being a renowned film-maker.

As we grow together, we continue to act as her creative team for all-things brand and marketing, and are moving ahead to bring her brand to life through her website and beyond.