Meet our close-knit team of experienced creators, movers, and shakers.

This is a group always striving to make the very best visual and written communication.

With us, you’ll be partnering with a creative team committed to understanding you and your vision. We’ll work out what you need together, then help you get there.

Meet the team

Alex Wilson
Marketing Director

Alex Wilson is Fook’s marketing director, and someone who is sadly so far into the world of marketing that he can’t go outside without critiquing every piece of advertising he sees.

Originally from the UK, Alex studied law at the University of Bristol before opting for a career in marketing with Samsung’s European Marketing Team. After moving to Canada, he then helped to start Fook where he drives brand strategy. With a keen eye for spotting opportunities to position our clients’ brands, Alex can often be found obsessing over the exact language needed to perfectly convey the marketing message in his head.

Fun fact about Alex: He launched a (failed) social media app and was a DJ before teaming up with Tiah and Michael on Fook.

Tiah Khuu
Creative Director

Tiah Khuu is Fook’s lead designer and creative director, and a man so obsessed with design that it comes up in most conversations you have with him.

A graduate of OCAD University in Toronto and the Basel School of Design in Switzerland, Tiah co-founded Fook in 2016 after working at the prestigious studio of Entro & Gottschalk & Ash. Ever since, he has been building Fook’s reputation for its meticulous approach to visual communication, and keeping his design skills sharp by repeating his mantra of “clarity, simplicity, and purpose” every night before bed.

Fun fact about Tiah: His cover up story to stop his girlfriend suspecting he was going to propose was to tell her that they needed to return equipment to the camera store, instead of saying they were going to a hotel.

Michael Wood
Art Director

Michael Wood is Fook’s art director, and photography and cinematography extraordinaire. Even when he’s literally at home, he still isn’t as ‘at home’ as when he’s behind the lens of a camera.

Michael graduated from OCAD University in Toronto, and then worked at Suveena Films before joining forces with Tiah and co-founding Fook in 2016. Always delighting our clients with the talent and vision he brings into every Fook production, Michael keeps the energy high both on set and in the office with his quick wit and good looks (Michael insisted on including that part).

Fun fact about Michael: He has dedicated a disproportionate amount of his life over the past 2 years to improving his ranking on, and is now actually impressively good at it.

Talya Macedo
Communications Strategist

Talya Macedo is our communications strategist, and someone who is so on the pulse of current and future trends that it makes the rest of the team feel rather uncool.

Talya brings more than 10 years of experience in positioning brands as culturally equitable, modern, and emotionally intelligent. Having previously worked with the likes of Sony Music Canada and SEPHORA before teaming up with Fook, Talya’s talents reinforce how thoughtful and contemporary our work is.

Fun fact about Talya: She is a passionate global communicator with a jetset life, but is happiest at home with her air fryer and reruns of 90s TV within reach.

Steph Ullman

Steph is our copywriter, editor, and translator. One of the most talented wordsmiths you could wish to find, incorrectly punctuated billboards are the type of thing that keep her up at night.

A writer with a remarkable ability to write sharp, articulate copy that is both meaningful and clear, Steph has applied her skills to nearly every corner of the marketplace, from non-profit organisations and educational institutions, to fashion, technology, and Canadian mainstays like Stingray and Bombardier.

Fun fact about Steph: Steph enjoys flexing her geography skills on GeoGuessr, an online game where players guess where they are in the world using Google Street View. Her all-time highest streak is 168 countries.

Mike Bernier
Senior Web Developer

Mike Bernier is Fook’s web developer. As ‘the Code Conjurer’ (a name he gave himself, by the way), he spends as much time demystifying the intricacies of the web for the rest of the Fook team as he does crafting websites.

Mike graduated with a degree in marketing management from the University of Guelph in 2016. He quickly realised his talents lay not just in understanding market dynamics, but also in applying this knowledge to improve online user experiences and search engine rankings.

Fun fact about Mike: He’s a man of many passions. Whether he’s obsessing over his sourdough starter, or spinning elaborate tales for his popular D&D site, he embraces his interests with an intensity fit for any Olympic sport.

Doreen Colonello
Senior Designer

Doreen is our senior designer, and when she’s not designing with Fook, she uses her wealth of skill and experience to help organisations that otherwise could not afford good design.

After working for one of the world’s most preeminent design studios, Gottschalk+Ash (G+A), for 20+ years (including becoming creative director), Doreen has built an incredible portfolio, including the likes of Interac, MiWay Transit, and Downtown Yonge. Today, the precision and thoughtfulness of her graphic design is something we’re excited to have on our team.

Fun fact about Doreen: Aside from her passion for design, Doreen also spends her time volunteering at the Toronto Humane Society.

Hyerim Yeo

Hyerim joined our team as a designer having undertaken her OCAD University internship at Fook in 2023, and was such a talent we just couldn’t bear to say goodbye.

Hyerim has a keen eye for clear and purposeful design, and having come to Canada as an international student from South Korea, she brings a different cultural lens and perspective to our creative process. She is also an amazingly fast learner, once even teaching herself how to use an entire Adobe program in a single evening.

Fun fact and Hyerim: Hyerim is a bit of a foodie (see photo for proof), and recently sought to prove the snack superiority of Korea by bringing back an impressive haul of treats for the team after her most recent trip.

Kyla Muratore
Social Media Manager

Kyla is who the Fook team turns to for anything and everything social media. With a long background in the industry, it’s a world that has always fascinated her as it allows her to indulge her passion of connecting people.

Throughout her career, she has become fluent in her understanding of the digital landscape, which is why Fook has partnered with her and her agency, Babe Creative, to bring her immense social media talents to our clients, helping them to build communities in a meaningful way.

Fun fact about Kyla: She’s a real pop culture expert. If you want to talk celebrity gossip, the latest drama in the Bravo-verse, or who’s attending the MET Gala, Kyla will know everything.

How we collaborate

For every project, we ensure a comprehensive collaboration to gain the confidence and trust of your team. This starts with listening thoroughly, and carefully planning creative solutions that always put your interests first.

We clearly explain our process at every turn, setting clear expectations and guiding you through the work, one step at a time.

Ensuring a great collaboration means work we all love, achieving something real, and having fun along the way.