Tiah Khuu, The Designer. This guy knows a thing or two about design. Tiah developed a passion for this subject at OCADU in Toronto and the Basel School of Design in Switzerland, learning to truly understand and respect the fundamentals of what makes good visual communication. Soon after graduating, Tiah joined Entro Communications and Gottschalk+Ash where he gained the highest quality experience. Despite his relative fresh-faced-ness, he was asked to lead the research, curation, and design of a book celebrating the 50 year history of these companies, called Cultivating a Design Legacy. Tiah has since led several independent book projects, including The Faces of Food, a book exploring and celebrating seasonal food in Toronto. With Fook, Tiah is now creating insanely cool sh** for clients in industries from film, to cryptocurrency, to real estate. tiah@fookcommunications.com

Michael Wood, The Photographer. Michael is a kick-ass photographer, and he isn’t bad with video either. He attended OCADU, Toronto, majoring in photography (obviously). Pursuing his love for documentary photography and storytelling, Michael jumped straight into freelancing after graduating, working across a range of industries. Honing his skills through this work, he went on to direct and exhibit his own photo documentary of Toronto’s disappearing businesses, as well has having works published in Vanity Fair and Cosmopolitan magazines. Most recently, he has collaborated with many high-profile chefs to publish the story of Canadian cooking in The Faces of Food. Michael’s body of work has made him an accomplished and experienced photographer and cinematographer, and his exceptional snapping skills are now put to use with Fook’s international client base. michael@fookcommunications.com

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