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Web development

A website is the modern-day shopfront to your business. It is often the first way someone will engage with your company, and so is absolutely critical in making a first impression, and in driving awareness and consideration in your business.

Website design, coding, copywriting, website photography and videography, search engine optimisation (SEO), and more.

For a touchpoint that can completely define your relationship, or potential relationship, with a customer, it is vital that it is firing on all cylinders. Your brand should be executed perfectly, your story told meaningfully, and your offering communicated clearly to enhance awareness and push traffic into your sales funnel/customer journey.

The exact look-and-feel and structure to your site will depend on your business and your goals. And depending on those goals, we can build anything from a landing page, to a fully-fledged website, to an e-commerce store complete with order fulfilment.

The way we create our sites also makes it straightforward to tweak and edit content, and enables easy-to-track analysis of key metrics.

Combine these coding and web development skills with our abilities in writing, designing, and photography/videography, with Fook you will have an all-singing, all-dancing website, with as many bells and whistles as you wish.

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