Videography and video production

If you want marketing that grips and engages your audience, video is king. Quality videos add serious credibility to your brand, and build desire in what you’re offering. Our video productions will tell your story beautifully, and make people want to learn more about you.

Product videos, interviews and talking heads, event live-streams, podcasts, webinars, video series', social media videos, and more.

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Why you need quality video

Quality marketing videos will drive demand, grow awareness, and engage people with your brand. The high production value of our videography will distinguish you, and clearly communicate the benefits you bring to your audience. Read more about the power of video.

Video is powerful. Not only can it hold the attention of an audience like little else, but it can drive demand for your product or service. High quality videography elevates your brand and your products/services, and makes you look seriously impressive. 

So, as a format that engages people and grows brand awareness, gives you greater credibility and trustworthiness, and drives demand, video is something you can’t ignore. 

What’s more, at a time when video is so accessible, there’s a great opportunity to stand out with the highest quality in production.

On a daily basis, videos come at us from every which way, meaning you can grab attention by doing something better. With expert video production, you can cut through the noise and distinguish your brand. A great narrative with careful composition, lighting, location choices, and meticulous editing will get you noticed. 

With beautiful, branded videography, we’ll help you clearly and succinctly tell your story and share your message. By ensuring our video creations are a perfect fit for purpose, whether that’s a social media ad, an impressive website video, or a live-streamed event, we’ll get results for your marketing.

Long story short, you need video in your life, and we can help you with any and all of it. Detailed planning goes into all of our productions, so we can make your brand look incredible, and clearly communicate your value to entice new audiences and new customers.

Videography with Fook

Whatever video you might need, you’re in the right place. By listening and understanding your brand and your goals, we’ll craft the perfect narrative and visuals for you. The end result will be a video that makes you stand out, and communicates a clear message. Learn more below.

From a promotional video, to a live podcast, to fully crewed and directed shoots, we can produce beautiful, impactful videos that will push your message out into the world. We are great listeners, so the videos we produce will be tailored precisely to your needs as well as look highly professional.  

We also do plenty of preparation to ensure that whatever we produce is fit for purpose. Whether you are trying to establish yourself as experts in your field, promote a certain product, create a more engaging website, or simply tell the story of your brand, we will make it happen. Before picking up any cameras, we work to understand your exact requirements to make sure we plan the perfect shoot.

On set, we keep the energy nice and positive, and once shooting is wrapped we will scrupulously edit the final product to make sure the mood and tone of the video matches the rest of your brand identity. This is a key part of making your videos stand out, and is a powerful way of establishing a consistent and clear identity for your business.

We have years of experience across multiple industries, from real estate, to high-end fashion, to food and hospitality. This means we have a real eye for detail, and a knack for understanding exactly what we have to deliver for your business.

And, of course, being based in Toronto and Edinburgh means our videography services are generally limited to those areas. We can travel a little, but not crazy distances.

Our videography process

By first making sure we completely understand your vision, we’ll plan out a shoot and a final product that you have total confidence in. During the shoot and the edit, we’ll frequently check in to make sure you’re happy every step of the way. Click below to read more about our process.

Before any shooting happens, we’ll schedule a number of meetings with you in the pre-production phase. This allows us to completely understand your business and your goals, the purpose behind the project, and therefore the format and setup the shoot will require. 

We’ll dig deep to get a true understanding of what you want videography to achieve for your company, and what message you are trying to convey. By getting on the same page here, we make sure that we are arranging a shoot optimized precisely for your needs, resulting in a beautiful video production that you and your customers love. 

And when the big day comes, we’ll handle all the setup and logistics, and be your director for the day. All you have to do is show up. 

Unless we’re working on a live-stream or some form of live content, we’ll then have a post-production stage where we pain-stakingly edit to polish and finesse the final product. Depending on the scale of the project, this can take anywhere from a few weeks to a number of months (the latter usually being reserved for larger scale video productions). 

Ultimately, not only will you have great fun on set with the Fook team, but you’ll have a video production that adds serious credibility to your brand and presents you in the absolute best possible light.