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A clear and robust strategy ensures your marketing gets you results. Knowing when and how to leverage each of your marketing touchpoints will get the most out of your marketing spend. From social media, to Google Ads, to print advertising, we’ll help your brand grow.

Go-to-market strategies, print and digital marketing campaigns, social media content planning, optimizing sales funnels, and more.

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Why you need a great marketing strategy

A proper strategy is how you ensure the best return on your marketing investment. It makes sure you see results. Having great branding and marketing materials is vitally important, but knowing when and how to use them is crucial. Click below to learn more.

A proper marketing strategy is how you get the most from your branding and marketing investment. It ensures that your message is heard, and your brand is seen, by the right people, in the right place, at the right time. 

Careful investment across key marketing touchpoints will get eyes on your brand, and grow awareness, purchase consideration, and actual purchases. Of course, having beautiful branding and marketing materials is vital, but how you use them is the other half of the battle.

Whether this means building an effective social media content calendar, running email marketing campaigns or Google Ads, investing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), or distributing printed marketing materials, you need to plan how to leverage different marketing tools. This way, you can get the maximum number of people to discover you, and to act on what you’re saying.

Without this plan, you’ll essentially just be talking and hoping that someone is listening.

By working closely with you to understand your goals, we’ll ensure that you can optimize your marketing spend and see actual results. Once we’re all on the same page with the message you want to communicate, who you want to communicate it to, and the budget you’re working with, we’ll work together to grow your brand.

Marketing strategy with Fook

Our team has experience in creating strategies at world-leading brands, so we know how best to use the marketing touchpoints at your disposal. Beyond creating effective branding and marketing materials, we can guide on the strategy needed to hit your goals. Read more below.

Having us contribute at the strategic level means we can use our expertise to advise on where the focus of your advertising investment should be. Defining a strategy will mean reviewing your current marketing footprint and your business goals to determine what your priorities should be, and which touchpoints you should be covering.

We can tailor these recommendations and strategies based on any budget. We know that for many clients, resources are not infinite, and so they can’t necessarily afford to just blast adverts across all touchpoints. In those cases, we can advise on where you should focus your advertising, and where you’ll get the best return on investment.

For example, a digital marketing strategy might include everything from social media management, to email campaigns, to Search Engine Optimization, to Google Ads. Or, it might be the case that honing in on one of those areas would be more prudent, or having a phased approach where you spread your investment over time. Whatever is best, we can make it happen for you.

Our team has experience creating some of the world’s biggest ad campaigns, so there is no challenge too great or too small for us. We can advise, consult, and execute on any form of digital, print, or brand strategy over any time frame.

And while we are situated in Toronto and Edinburgh, we work with clients anywhere in the world who are looking for a marketing strategy or marketing consultancy.

Our marketing strategy process

The first step in creating an effective marketing strategy is completely understanding your goals, so we can plot the optimal path to get there. Once we’re on the same page, we’ll advise you on how to leverage key marketing touchpoints over time to deliver results. Click to learn more.

To create a marketing strategy, the first step is to take time to understand who you are, your goals and ambitions, and your timelines. By building an image of what success looks like to you, and when you want to get there, then can we plot a path to that point.

From here, a good marketing plan ensures that you don’t use all of your momentum at once. Instead, you should aim to keep the noise up around your business for a sustained period of time. Otherwise, people will soon forget you.

This means planning which messages to deliver and when, and across which platforms, to drive people down your sales funnel. We have a keen strategic mind for knowing what messaging to use at each stage of the sales journey, and what role various marketing touchpoints play in that journey. The key is creating as frictionless a path to purchase as possible.

We also understand that marketing needs a longer term commitment. People need to become aware of you, and warm up to your brand and your service, before they make a purchase. It’s no good having a blast of social media ads and expecting people to act immediately.

Time and consideration is needed to have the biggest return on your investment, and we’ll give your business exactly that.