Graphic design, print and digital marketing design

Design is at the centre of every piece of marketing we produce. Every part of our designs has a purpose. From brochures, to packaging, to books and magazines, to social media posts, the clarity and consideration in our work cuts through the marketing noise.

Billboards, packaging, magazines, book design, posters, digital ads, social media assets, business cards, and more.

Why you need great design

Marketing shouldn’t simply ‘look nice’. Marketing that genuinely works goes much deeper than that. It has to be presented and designed in such a way that truly solves a problem for an audience. To do that, messaging and advertising must possess clarity and purpose to stand out, and avoid simply becoming part of the marketing noise.

This is why we insist that every graphic design element that we create is carefully constructed, from the layout, to the spacing between letters, to the paper something might be printed on. What’s more, we don’t design things in isolation. Rather, we take the full context of a business and its brand, and execute everything consistently.

This way, you always present your audience with a clear brand voice, and a unified identity that a customer can connect with. This consistency brings you more credibility, makes you more trustworthy, and makes it easier for your audience to build a relationship with you.

Clarity and purpose are key for successful design, and the result is marketing that stands out with meaning and originality, and advertising that truly works.

Selected graphic design works

Graphic design with Fook

Before we begin any work with you, we work hard to understand the full context of your business and your brand. Where this message will be heard, the actions you are trying to drive, the values your brand possesses, and your overall marketing goal are just some of the answers we need to understand to create effective graphic designs.

Once we begin work, this is where our core skills really come into their own – writing, design, and imagery. Every piece of graphic design comes out of a careful and continuous dialogue between these areas. Each of these parts should complement the other, and each serve a clear purpose that benefits the end result.

By balancing and perfectly marrying these fundamental elements of marketing and communication, our final products are always clearly thought out, and every visual element works towards the exact same goal.

And while are we are situated in Toronto and Edinburgh, we can offer graphic design services to companies around the world thanks to the wonders of the Internet.

Our graphic design process

Every graphic design project follows our comprehensive process. Firstly, for us to do our best work, we need to understand you and your needs fully. What’s more, at various stages within our projects, we build in frequent rounds of feedback. By opening up to your input, we ensure our final product is something we all love.

But we are also big believers in healthy and constructive dialogues with our clients. We won’t be afraid to tell you our expert opinions if we feel it is best for the project, and best for your business.

Often what a client wants and what a client needs are not the same thing, and so in those situations we take care to explain why a certain course of action may be better for everyone. We work hard to foster positive relationships where we can have these conversations openly.

Finally, we aren’t the type of company who takes your brief and hands it to a junior designer. Rather, the core team that you speak with are the same team that produces your work. That means everyone working on the project has their finger well and truly on the pulse.

Ultimately, we have a design process that values your input, allows for open discussion and feedback, and results in the best possible outcome for your business.

Let’s get started

To get the ball rolling, all you need to do is send us an email giving a bit of an outline as to what it is you need. Before you know it, there’ll be a response in your inbox looking to set up a complimentary intro meeting where we learn all about what you’re looking for.

We’ll ask a few key questions to get a clear understanding, and then it’s over to us to create a proposal laying out the work we’ll be doing, what the final result looks like, and the process and investment required to get there. Once we sign on the dotted line, we get to work.