E-commerce and online shopping

Let your customers buy from you all day every day. With e-commerce, you’ll not only grow your revenue, but you’ll increase customer loyalty by offering the convenience of online shopping. An online store from us will make people want to buy from you, and make it easy to do so.

Online shopping, ticket booking, order fulfilment, order tracking, and more.

Why you need e-commerce

E-commerce means you can be open for business 24/7. A well-designed e-commerce website will effortlessly guide your customers to make purchases from you, encourage them to explore more products, and make the buying experience as frictionless as possible. The less barriers you put in front of someone trying to buy from you, the more likely they’ll go through with a purchase.

In this way, e-commerce will help you make more money. What’s more, the better the purchase journey, the more likely customers will come back to you. A convenient, simple way for people to shop with you reflects well on your brand, and that positive experience grows loyalty and builds customer relationships. 

And the good news keeps coming. An online store can make you much more resilient because you don’t need to rely purely on making profit from a physical location. Instead, you can diversify your business to generate revenue literally while you are sleeping.

So, e-commerce unlocks a lot of possibilities for businesses. In fact, 54% of millennial purchases are now made on websites, so you should make sure yours is one of them. Work with us, and we will plan and design the perfect online store for you.

Selected e-commerce works

E-commerce with Fook

We can create a completely bespoke online store for your business, allowing for easy and intuitive browsing, and a seamless purchase experience. From adding to cart, to sending automated email updates, to integrating your website with shipping fulfilment centres and accounting software, we can set you up with a digital shop that essentially runs itself.

But better still, the entire buying experience can be completely customized. So every step of the way, your users are immersed in your brand experience. We can even customize the path to purchase, adding up-selling opportunities, or nudging a customer towards additional actions, before checking out and confirming their order. We can integrate e-commerce in any capacity for your particular business, whether that’s ticket booking, subscription services, product purchases, or any other types of transaction.

Plus, of course, we can build the rest of your website too. If you build an entirely new website and online store with us, we can even further optimize the entire experience to drive customers towards purchase. Check out our web development page for more on how our website process works.

And although we are a studio based in Toronto and Edinburgh, the power of the Internet allows us to build e-commerce websites for businesses anywhere in the world.

Our e-commerce process

As with our web development service, the exact structure and flow of your e-commerce website will depend on your goals, and exactly what you want customers to do on your website. Before even writing the first line of code, we work with you to understand your wants and priorities, as well as precisely what your company does.

Designing an e-commerce site then follows the same process as our web development, where we create a concept for the design before moving into actual coding. This way, we can be very flexible in terms of changing the design based on feedback before anything is actually built.

Once you the design is approved, we move to development. In this phase, our design and development teams are in constant communication, ensuring that every detail is refined and perfected to give the best possible look-and-feel to your site and store. Of course, we are also in frequent communication with you during development to give you updates on progress.

And when coding is finished, we’ll make sure you’re completely in love with the site before pushing it live. Then, the world can visit, browse, and purchase from your brand new online shop.

Such a comprehensive research, design, and development process ensures that the end result is a stunning website, with an optimized sales funnel to generate new business for your company.

Let’s get started

Giving your customers the option of buying from you online can have a massive impact on your bottom line. If that sounds like something you’d like to see, just drop us an email and we’ll get chatting.

Before you know it, we’ll be having a kick-off meeting with you where we learn the key details about your company and your ambitions, before pitching you our proposal. This will lay out objectives, and exactly what needs to be done to bring your dream to fruition.

With that agreed, your customers will be purchasing online in no time.