Copywriting and marketing messaging

Writing is everything in marketing. The message you put out there completely determines how someone reacts to what you’re saying. We’ll carefully compose the right language and tone to get you attention, engage minds, and make sure your message resonates.

Taglines, brand voice, campaign messaging, email marketing, blog writing, website content, product descriptions, and more.

Why you need exceptional copy

Often in marketing, we don’t have very long to grab someone’s eye. People only have time for a fleeting glance, a quick read, or a short scan. So every word we use must be very deliberate. It must serve a purpose. Message and tone should be conveyed succinctly and clearly.

This is why language and writing is so important. Whether it’s a tagline, one sentence on a billboard, a social media caption, or an article, our words need to be carefully constructed to resonate with an audience. Using too many words, or not making yourself clear, will turn people off very quickly.

Marketing messages need to be delivered in a way that invites people to absorb the information. This means taking consideration of the context of the piece, the voice of your brand, and the idea we are trying to convey to craft the perfect message.

Your voice can be anything from authoritative, to human, to conversational, to direct, to bold, and everything in between. Finding the right balance takes a detailed look at language, and we pride ourselves on the lengths we go to to ensure your writing engages your audience.

Selected copywriting works

Copywriting with Fook

We have an obsession with language. Usually, it doesn’t take complex or convoluted words to get an idea across. Rather, a message delivered with simplicity, clarity, and purpose will be the one that people notice.

In our approach to writing, we take into account many factors. Sentence structure, paragraph length, reading rhythm, repetition, word count, and word length are just some of the considerations that go into properly focusing your audience’s eyes and minds. The words you use so often define how someone perceives your brand and your business. You can immediately give the wrong impression just by using one awkward phrase.

This meticulous analysis of language is exactly the level of care we put into your copywriting. Even what we’ve written on this website was deliberately crafted to be light-hearted and human, engaging readers through openness and warmth. At the same time, we remain authoritative in our areas of expertise to encourage confidence in our abilities.

We’ll go to the same lengths for your business. Whether you need a tagline, social media captions, email campaigns, blog posts, text for a printed booklet, or billboard adverts, we can tackle any and all of your writing needs.

And although we are a Toronto and Edinburgh-based studio, we offer copywriting to clients from across the globe.

Our copywriting process

An important first step in writing anything for use in marketing is to fully understand context. Before any keys are pressed or pens are picked up, our initial work is done in conversation with you.

As with most of our services, we work to fully understand your business and your goals before moving forward. Knowing the ins and outs of your company helps us to write sincerely and authentically, and give the impression that it is truly your brand speaking to your audience. Understanding your audience demographics is also helpful, as well as exactly where this message will be heard. Combining this knowledge with the action we want our audience to take means we can create the just the right message.

What’s more, writing usually doesn’t come in isolation. It is part of a package of elements needed to create a particular piece of marketing that includes imagery and design. That’s why everything we write is done as part of a constant dialogue between our writing and design teams, so that the message is tailor-made for the space it is designed to occupy.

Whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness, purchase consideration, or actual purchases, our keen eye for the nuance of language will result in copywriting that delivers.

Let’s get started

Maybe you need help finding your brand voice, or maybe you need copy for a specific marketing purpose. Whatever you’re looking for, we are just an email away.

Get in touch with us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we possibly can. We like to get the ball rolling nice and early, so the next step will be to get on the phone and really understand what you’re after.

Once we have a firm grasp of what you need, we’ll create a proposal detailing exactly what it’ll take to get you there.

All it takes is a signature, and then we’ll get writing.