Branding, brand development, and brand consulting

An immense amount of thought and precision goes into every brand we create. Careful and meaningful branding is crucial to building trust and credibility in any company. Our work can help you grow your business, and forge deeper relationships with your customers.

Logo design, colour scheme, typography, brand voice, brand story, and more.

Why you need a great brand

Your brand is your only chance to make the best possible first impression. Customers make a hell of a lot of assumptions about you based purely on how you present yourself. They can instantly make a judgement call on you and your entire business.

So, you better look the part.

Your brand should speak to who you are. Everything from your logo, to your colours, to the typeface you use needs to be fully considered, and designed to be a true representation of your purpose. This is how brands build depth and meaning, engage people, and elevate the perception of a company.

By cohesively designing a full visual identity, you create a personality for your business that customers connect with and build a genuine relationship with. Devoting real thought and consideration to your brand means people will perceive you with greater credibility and trust.

Successful companies know that sustainable growth depends on forging a relationship with your audience. Branding is how.

Branding with Fook

Team up with Fook, and our first order of business is to completely understand your company and your ambitions so we can create a brand with authenticity and substance, one that resonates with your audience, and one that can grow with you.

With the skill of our close-knit team, our brand work comes out of a constant dialogue between our talented team members – from our designers to our copywriters. This means we create holistic visual identities that are fully considered from every angle. Our work here will not only look exceptional, but actually make sense, carry soul and meaning, and deliver results for your business. A good brand should run a common thread through every single marketing touchpoint, and be consistently and thoughtfully executed.

Our work does exactly that, bringing every facet of your business under a single, unified identity. Your brand is sacred, and we’ll treat it that way.

And although are we are based in Toronto and Edinburgh, through the miracle of the Internet we can offer branding to companies around the world.

Our branding process

From the time we start working with you, our branding process takes between 5 and 6 weeks. We leave some wiggle room, because sometimes creativity just needs more time. And it isn’t a case of us disappearing for 6 weeks then coming back with a brand. Oh no. This is a collaboration, and we keep in frequent contact with you.

We kick off with an in-depth exploration of your business, asking you questions around why you exist and what you believe. From this detailed background information, we brainstorm internally and generate a number of brand concepts, each with their own unique logo, colour palette, and typeface.

These are delivered around 3-4 weeks into the process. We then give you time to evaluate these, until you decide on a direction to pursue. With that decision, it’s full speed ahead to completely develop that identity into a brand guideline. This will be a beautiful presentation of how to use your new visual identity, to ensure consistency in every piece of marketing and communication that you produce.

The end result is a brand with soul and substance, and one that we all love. And what’s more, we’ll have a lot of fun along the way.

Let’s get started

All you need to do is drop us an email. Quick as a flash, we’ll arrange a complimentary kick-off meeting where we learn a little more about you and what you’re looking for. Once we have a sense of what you’re about and the direction you’re heading in, we create a proposal for you laying out exactly what work we’ll be doing, the process behind it, and of course timelines and required investment.

With that agreed, it’s all aboard the branding train.