That Clean Life

That Clean Life offer software and educational materials that allows nutritionists to plan and deliver better meal plans and advice to their clients. Through a high quality video series production, we helped enhance their brand image as industry experts, engaging new and existing audiences. 

That Clean Life (TCL) is a B2B service that helps nutritionists and health coaches create meal plans for their clients. Through their online software and educational content, they aim to help those people running nutrition businesses to deliver more value to customers and be more effective in their profession.

When we were introduced to their team, they had already grown a sizable and loyal online audience. But they wanted to grow their reputation further, and boost brand credibility and awareness, by continuing to establish themselves as experts in their field. One incredibly effective way of doing this is through video content that adds value to an audience. 

The TCL team had plans for a video series called Nutrition For Your Business, where they would give nutrition professionals guidance on how to grow their companies, increase revenues, and create more happy customers. Beyond the concept and the scripting, however, TCL needed a video team that could plan, setup, shoot, and edit the full series. And so they came to us. 

Over the course of two months, we closely collaborated to bring their vision to life. We planned a clear run-of-show over a two-day shoot, creating a multi-camera setup in a Toronto studio, with professional lighting and audio equipment. The Fook video crew manned and directed the project, producing 10 episodes for their web series.

In post-production, as well as editing these 10-15 minute episodes, we also produced promotional clips for each instalment, as well as a trailer for the full season. By capturing high quality audio, the episodes were also turned into podcasts, which expanded the reach and accessibility of the content. Together, we delivered a highly professional and dynamic production, serving valuable information in an engaging and digestible way.

The result was a video series that was loved by their audience and their subscribers, providing a more intimate way for their followers to engage with them. The high standard of video production gave a boost to their brand image and credibility, and enhanced their perception as nutrition experts. With the success of the first series, the TCL team have already set their sights on season two. We are ready and waiting to help bring that to fruition.