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That Clean Life

That Clean Life (TCL) was our first foray into the nutrition industry. A business-to-business service, they have developed software that helps nutritionists plan and deliver meal plans and advice to their clients.

Having already grown a sizable online audience, TCL were keen to continue to establish themselves as experts in their field, as well as boost brand credibility and awareness. Well-executed video production is incredibly effective at achieving just this, and so the TCL team turned to Fook. Over the course of two months, we then went about planning, shooting, and producing a full 10 episodes for their web series. This included promotional clips for each installment, as well as a season trailer and thumbnail designs. The goal was to deliver a highly professional and dynamic production, while delivering valuable information in an engaging and digestible way. From start to finish, this project was a joy to execute. Our two teams had a great creative chemistry, and we even managed to sneak in a few laughs on set in between the very serious business of video production. With the success of the first series, the TCL team have already set their sights on season 2. We are ready and waiting to help bring that to fruition.