Rare Birds Book Club

Rare Birds is an online book club and book store, based in Edinburgh, Scotland, providing their readers with books solely written by female authors.  Through beautiful and dynamic imagery, we created an engaging visual aesthetic that has helped many a customer fall in love with their lifestyle book brand. 

We have been working with Rare Birds since before their service launched. What started as a simple need for product photography developed into providing all of their photographic content for social media, and digital and print assets, to bring to life the books and stories they were sharing with their audience.

In partnership with them, we have developed a content production structure where we bulk produce and deliver all of the assets they require for a certain time period.

From providing individual product images, we progressed into developing a photographic and artistic direction to push their brand further, creating an engaging visual aesthetic for their customers, and equipping them with content for all of their needs. As a company based in the UK, it was certainly tough to ensure that we were supplying sufficient content for the foreseeable future, but a carefully created production schedule allowed us to do exactly this.

Today, we are still working with Rare Birds to produce content and marketing assets. Optimising our production schedules in an on-going challenge, and we work closely with Rare Birds to analyse their best performing content so we can constantly provide higher and higher quality imagery.

Photography is a core skill and passion of ours, so working with a client who gives us free artistic licence is immensely rewarding, and allows us to demonstrate the extent of our abilities in this craft.