One of Toronto’s top eating spots, Marben have a clear philosophy with food and sustainability. We developed and refined their brand, helping to communicate their mission and grow their awareness through print and digital marketing.

Marben is a beautiful restaurant in downtown Toronto with a growing reputation. One of the city’s top eating spots, they have a clear philosophy when it comes to food and sustainability. They wanted to refine and develop their marketing to clearly communicate their purpose, and to carve out their place as a quality farm-to-table establishment.

Having been introduced through our work on Faces of Food, they were aware of our ability to tell meaningful stories around food through writing, imagery, and design. With Toronto’s competitive hospitality industry, it was important that they told their story to get people talking about Marben, and to get more people through the door.

The first step on this journey was for us to understand and crystallize their brand story to form a foundation for every piece of communication that came from them. This meant creating a comprehensive brand guideline which defined their visual identity, the audience they spoke to, the language they used, and their photographic art style. We then used this new brand direction and distinct brand voice to promote Marben with authenticity and integrity.

A large part of this work entailed bringing a consistent look and tone to their social media profiles, and optimizing the content posted there. We scheduled photoshoots to populate their Instagram and Facebook with the highest quality imagery. We then used their digital platforms to consistently deliver compelling content, showing their commitment to providing an exceptional food experience. This increased their following significantly, but importantly increased meaningful brand engagement.

From stunning imagery of their dishes, to cinematic promotional videos of the space, to marketing collateral to promote special dinners, our work translated into sold out events and a steady stream of reservation requests made via social media platforms.

We also completely redesigned and rebuilt their website, bringing total brand consistency to their digital presence. This meant that, when customers explored Marben online through Instagram, Facebook, or their site, the brand looked and felt the same. This was crucial to adding real purpose behind their existence as a restaurant, and adding credibility to their image

Our partnership with Marben encompassed a broad range of marketing needs, from branding, to web development, to print and digital asset creation. They gave us the trust, freedom, and creative licence to further grow their brand, which helped to clearly communicate their value and their purpose in the Toronto restaurant scene.

See the website here.