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One of Toronto’s top eating spots, we developed and refined the Marben brand, and the brand of their bar ‘The Cloak’, and grew their awareness through print and digital marketing.

Marben is a beautiful restaurant in downtown Toronto with a growing reputation. They were a restaurant we featured during the creation of Faces of Food, which kickstarted a working relationship through the Head Chef, Chris Locke.

Having caught their eye with our design and photography abilities, we began creating content for them to use across digital platforms. From stunning Instagram images, to cinematic promotional videos, we started generating some incredible marketing assets for Marben.

With our foot in the door, we then worked with the team at Marben to identify how their core brand itself could be improved. We started by defining and crystallizing their brand story, building that out into a comprehensive brand guideline, and then using this new brand direction to grow awareness in their business.

Through an improved website, a clear brand voice, high quality social media assets, and social media channel management, we are getting the Marben name out there. We have even dabbled in interior design, designing and printing new interior decor elements, as well as collaborating with a Toronto artist to create a beautiful mural on their patio wall.

A client with broad marketing needs, this partnership has been immensely rewarding, with Marben giving us the trust, freedom, and creative licence to help grow their brand. We are still working closely with Marben, running their entire digital marketing footprint, creating online campaigns, and producing marketing materials for special events.