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Flexday are changing the game in co-working spaces. Their innovative proposition of turning restaurants in their downtime into workspaces means affordable office space for the self-employed, and much-needed additional revenue for partnering restaurants. 

When we first met these guys, we were tasked with improving and optimising individual marketing assets, and adding some refinement to print materials.

As communicators with an obsession for visual identity and branding, this is not where we wanted to operate. The best brands are considered and crafted holistically, to ensure effortless consistency in all marketing materials, and to create a voice with substance.

With Flexday, we needed to shift the conversation towards establishing a thoughtful brand, executed with discipline, so that simply improving on individual assets would no longer be necessary.

As our relationship developed, we worked with Flexday to galvanize the support necessary to enable us to work in this way, and to bring brand image to the top of their priorities. As a tech company focused on finessing their product and service offering, this was a process that took patience and persistence. But working in partnership with their incredible team, we subsequently put those strong brand fundamentals in place, starting with a beautiful brand guideline from which all other marketing materials could then grow.

Today, Flexday’s visual and tonal identity is clear, and we are continually executing that identity across print and digital touchpoints to create an original and lasting brand, filled soul and meaning. We are very excited for their future, and for how our partnership might continue to grow.

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