Flexday is a disruptive co-working company, turning unused spaces in the city into productive and accessible workspace. We helped define their brand image, clarifying their value proposition to craft compelling marketing messages.

Flexday are changing the game in co-working spaces, and looking to open up co-working to everyone. They are disrupting this industry, and real estate in general, by taking under-utilised spaces across the city and turning them into on-demand working environments for self-employed individuals and small businesses.

Having bootstrapped their marketing before working with us, Flexday needed a consistent brand to help get their message out into the world. A product with an undeniable market and huge potential, they needed discipline around their visual identity and their brand voice to help reach that market.

Building on top of the logo and identity they had in place, we added refinement to that existing brand. We gave the logo more confidence, clarity, and impact, chose a typeface that was inviting and approachable, and laid out their brand colours.

After refining and developing the fundamentals of their identity, we created a full brand guideline for Flexday, detailing their value proposition, USP, key messaging, use of language, and use of visual elements.

Using this as a foundation, we then created digital and print marketing assets for their social media platforms and for their various work locations. From an Instagram post announcing the opening of a new workspace, to wayfinding signage in each space, to flyers mailed to target neighbourhoods, we helped to shape and define their messaging and marketing strategy, and truly establish a Flexday brand.

With a concept around co-working that is so novel and innovative, one of the key challenges was making their value readily understood to their audience. So we focused on creating relatable, engaging messages that centred around only a few aspects of their USP. We wanted to avoid over-complicating primary messaging, and instead use easily digestible references that would encourage people to explore further. 

By driving interest in this way, it encouraged their audience to learn about the full value of the Flexday offering on their website and other platforms, which in turn drove sign-ups.

Through our work with them, we enabled much needed consistency at a critical stage of their growth as a disruptive startup, and boosted awareness in their service. Today, Flexday is a service used by thousands of people and hundreds of businesses, and they continue to help shape the office of the future. 

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