Faces of Food

Faces of Food is a brand and publication designed, produced, and published by Fook. Sharing the narrative of Canadian food, this stunning book and online series follows the stories of the chefs, farmers, and front-of-house staff that bring our meals from farm to table.

Faces of Food started as our own little pet project. As a team of designers, photographers, and writers with an interest in food, we started thinking creatively about how we might be able to tell the story of food, and eventually settled on an idea. Through the stories of chefs, farmers, and front-of-house staff, we would share the narrative of Canadian cooking, from farm to table.

Over the course of 2 years, we sat down and spoke with some of the most amazing, warm, and welcoming people we have ever met. The goal was never to help restaurants attract customers, or farms to sell produce – it was purely about the story of food. This refreshing approach garnered significant interest from people, and opened many doors for us to meet some of Canada’s most renowned food talents.

The challenge here was breaking into an industry in which we had zero experience, and gaining access to the kinds of talented chefs, farmers, and front-of-house professionals that we wanted to speak to. But through sheer determination, and a slew of very polite emails and phone calls, we ended up interviewing and telling the stories of 36 of Canada’s best and brightest foodies.

What resulted was a stunning, 250-page photographic journey into Toronto’s food scene, designed, photographed, written, produced, and published by us, complete with an e-commerce website and marketing campaigns to sell the book. The photography and videography captured helped us to make compelling promotional content, including a trailer for the book and the brand. The interest we generated even saw Faces of Food sold from multiple locations around the city.

Once the book was published, we had an established Toronto food brand that other chefs and food personalities were then keen to engage with. So we continued the narrative through monthly online editions, with each one sharing the story and insights of a new Canadian foodie. And beyond this, we also have our next book in the pipeline.

This is a project we are particularly proud of, and a brand we hope to make increasingly relevant in the Canadian food scene. With our recent shortlisting in the Taste of Canada Awards, we are confident of being on the right path.

See the website here.