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Elite Fantasy Basketball

Elite Fantasy Basketball (EFB) are a fantasy basketball subscription service, based out of New York City. They came to us with a loyal and established fanbase, and a reputation among their fans for offering some of the best insights on fantasy basketball.

They also came to us with a desire to reach new audiences, and to change their business model. Previously generating revenue from display ads, EFB wanted to switch from a free service to a paid service to increase growth.

With this, they needed a completely new brand identity and web presence. So we got to work creating a brand image to match their reputation and quality of service, and to equip them for expansion. This new visual identity needed confidence and credibility to help the business transition into a paid service and to attract new members, as well as clarity and relevance in the arena of sports.

We presented multiple branding concepts, and developed the preferred direction into a full brand guideline. This was then the foundation for a new website, built by Fook. This new site needed to implement a paywall, as well as provide users with a customisable tool to view any stat on any player in the NBA to really elevate the EFB offering. We then led the coding and development of a completely bespoke player ranking tool.

A complex project with many moving parts, EFB are now ideally positioned for growth.

Today, we are working with them on the next stage of their evolution, pushing brand awareness and conversions through SEO, continuous website improvements, Google Adwords campaigns, and email marketing.