Elite Fantasy Basketball

Elite Fantasy Basketball is a fantasy basketball subscription service. We rebranded their company and built a completely new website to enable them to transition to a paid membership, massively increasing revenues and positioning them for growth.

Elite Fantasy Basketball (EFB) is a fantasy basketball subscription service, based out of New York City. They came to us with a loyal and established fanbase, and a reputation among their fans for offering some of the best insights in fantasy basketball. But they wanted to reach new audiences, and switch from a free service to a paid subscription service. 

To do this, we needed to establish a reputable, credible, and trustworthy brand, and one which set an expectation of quality from the very first interaction. Equally importantly, it had to be relevant and engaging in the arena of sports, carrying with it the dynamism of the game it represented.

The logo at the heart of the brand draws a simple inspiration from the shape of a ball. That ball is then dissected and taken apart, reflecting the analyses, insights, and breakdowns that EFB provides to their subscribers. The way the ball is segmented and twisted also implies motion and movement, reflecting the dynamism we just mentioned. The primary colours for the brand are also built on this idea of energy, and the particular shade of blue was specifically chosen to suit a heavy screen presence, as its vibrancy is unique to digital mediums.  

In choosing a typeface, our priority was clarity. As a service that primarily exists to provide information, the most important thing was for that information to be as clear and legible as possible. Helvetica Neue was the perfect choice to perform this role.

With a clearly defined identity in place that evoked credibility and reliability, while being engaging in the sports community, the next step was to roll this out onto a completely new website. Building this site was absolutely critical for their expansion as a business. As well as clearly communicating their value, it had to encompass a paywalled members area, payment processing, a clear menu system for a complex array of data, and a completely custom-coded player stats analysis tool.  

And after completing a website that ticked all of these boxes, EFB now has a digital presence that ideally positions them for growth. With the implementation of this new brand, EFB had no issues in getting their existing members (who were on the free service) to switch to the paid subscription. Their new revenues also exceeded expectations. They intended to break even on their investment in branding and web development after 6-9 months, and this happened after just 3 months.

See the website here.