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Cultivating a Design Legacy

Developed in collaboration with Entro Communications and Gottschalk+Ash, Cultivating a Design Legacy is an overview of the past 50 years of Canadian design work undertaken by the legendary firm Gottschalk+Ash. 

What started as designing a single spread in the book transformed into a design partnership on the entire thing. Working alongside the creative director at Entro, we worked to tackle specific eras of design, researching projects that G+A undertook in each decade, gathering images and assets from their archive of film slides and print samples.

We would then propose and design spreads that covered landmarks and milestones in the story of this great company, constantly reviewing and refining the narrative.

The biggest challenge here was undoubtedly defining what this book was actually going to be about. Determining a story to tell, and researching materials to convey that story, was a key part of our involvement in this book. Having to deep-dive into almost 60 years of Canada’s design history, including some of Canada’s most iconic brands to-date, and curating a concise narrative of within a project timeline of one year was certainly tough.

Furthermore, in presenting some of the best examples of branding in Canada’s history, and working under the eyes of some of the most influential designers in Canada today, the quality of this work had to be first rate, with no room for missteps and no stone that could be left unturned.

This book was to be the company’s trophy piece, so the presentation itself had to match the quality of the work being presented.