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Cou is a luxury fashion and lifestyle brand, opening its doors to the renowned shopping destination of Muskoka. Featuring international designs and a highly curated product line-up, Cou needed a brand that spoke to this market, whilst remaining accessible and human.

Through our previous work in fashion branding, we were introduced to the team behind Cou. We were immediately on the same page when it came to philosophy and approach, and soon began work on their identity.

A retailer with a truly international product line-up, with featured designs from Spain, Greece, and New York, among many others, Cou needed a visual identity to communicate their thoughtful approach to curation, and which also looks at home next to some very premium labels.

As with any fashion brand, particularly those at the higher end, the challenge is always to stay approachable while conveying ideas of luxury, credibility, and expertise.

Cou want their stores to be destinations and experiences, places where people can browse, relax, and enjoy, as well as places to dress impeccably.

So, we introduced warmer primary tones into their colour palette, which also pay homage to the silk and “softness” that underpins so much of their collection.

In the secondary colours, we leaned into browns and hues that hint at the naturally occurring tones of Cou’s home in Muskoka. Thoughtful use of typography, utilising a typeface that sits between a serif and a sans serif, ensured a brand that both embraces fashion tradition while also being undeniably modern.

The end result is a brand that is truly unique to who Cou are and where they came from, but which also establishes them very boldly as a fashion brand of today. We continue to work with the team at Cou, and hope to continue rolling out their new brand identity in the coming months.