Charcuterie Board Workshop

Charcuterie Board Workshop offer the unique experience of crafting and preparing your very own charcuterie board. We created a holistic brand identity, inspired by their craft, for a company exploding in popularity, and brought it to life in print marketing assets.

Charcuterie Board Workshop (CBW) is a business that offers exactly what the name might suggest – lessons in making and presenting a charcuterie board. As it turns out, this is an experience that a lot of people, and companies, were eager to sign up for.

CBW came to us as their popularity really began to boom. They had quickly followed up their Toronto location with a stunning shop in Niagara, and worried that their previous logo was underselling the quality of their offering. With a rapidly growing customer base, they needed a brand that matched the high standard of their service, and gave them instant credibility to the new audiences they were reaching.

And so, we began work on a holistic brand identity for CBW, tying together a logo, colour palette, and carefully selected typography.

In our initial groundwork to fully understand the business, we were told how their customers valued the sense of accomplishment and achievement they left the workshop with. So we opted for a circular logo to represent these ideas of completeness and community. Inside the circle are a series of lines, inspired by the rings found in the cross-section of a tree, and changed into linear shapes and patterns. These hard, deliberate lines convey ideas of construction and process, just as their customers transform a piece of wood into a beautiful board. The choice of typeface was inspired by similar ideas, and we opted for lettering that reflected the lines and chiseled edges created in woodworking.

The colours chosen present a strong contrast, invoking a sense of dynamism, activity, and excitement. The energy from their workshops is something we were keen to bring to life in our use of colour. It also allowed for a punchy tone of voice for the brand, giving us the freedom to experiment with copywriting that carried wit and personality.

The outcome of this process was a CBW brand that can support their ever-growing reputation, one that instills trust and credibility in their business from the very first impression, and one that their community can strongly associate their positive experiences with.

Since the announcement of the new look, their following and their bookings have increased yet further and they have franchised into the US and across Canada, as demand for this unique experience grows.