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For a while now, we have been planning a move into cannabis. Today, there is an incredibly exciting and unique opportunity to have a global impact on the image of an entire industry, and we want to put ourselves right at the start of that change. We want to be part of the push to redefine the stereotyped brand image of cannabis, and cannabis culture.

Such an opportunity is rare, and so we want to ensure our contributions are considered, meaningful, and valuable. To this end, we have begun brand explorations in the cannabis business, considering how to add refinement and originality into a heavily stereotyped visual landscape. Buddy is the first result from those explorations.

When trying to portray any concept, people often lean towards previously associated symbols within the culture. We wanted to demonstrate how you can communicate and enrich any company’s brand by looking for the essence in a business, and not leaning on predefined associations in any given industry. What results is a visual identity that not only enriches the company’s communications, but also the culture of cannabis as a whole. We believe this is what we achieved with Buddy, and what we will continue to achieve as we move further into this industry.

We are still early in our venture into cannabis, but we are excited by the opportunities we are discovering and exploring. This is the kind of challenge that marketers dream of, and so we are shifting a lot of focus and energy into taking this challenge on.