Bellazo is a real estate developer based in Costa Rica, constructing breath-taking communities along the Gold Coast. We brought clarity to their marketing, crafting compelling messages across their print and digital assets, including stunning promotional films.

Bellazo is a property development in Costa Rica, offering a range of luxury villas along the stunning Gold Coast overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Offering smaller one-bedroom properties, all the way to sprawling multi-bedroom, multi-bathroom mansions, they target a market of holiday-goers, second-home-seekers, and shrewd investors.

When we started working together, one of their key challenges was conveying a premium image. While the homes they sold were beautiful, their marketing materials and messaging needed to be better at conveying the sheer quality of the properties they were offering. With such significant sums of money on the table, it was important for us to portray this company as incredibly trustworthy and reliable, and clearly communicate the value of an investment with them.

We started by creating a new website for Bellazo. Our focus here was to achieve luxury through simplicity and clarity, and bold presentation of their homes. We focused on making their communication far clearer and more compelling, breaking down the key features of the community and the properties into captivating and digestible messages.

From here, we improved their print communications, creating brochures with more enticing language, and beautiful presentations of each home. We designed impactful and purposeful billboards to make Bellazo stand out against other developments in more localised marketing. After travelling to Costa Rica to photograph and video Bellazo, we brought exceptionally high production quality to their imagery and crafted spectacular promotional films for the development.

Through our print and digital work, including the new website and a substantially increased social media presence, we made big steps in terms of establishing consistency, an improved visual identity, and a brand voice that effortlessly communicates luxury, credibility, and trustworthiness. Our work has also consistently out-performed expectations in terms of lead generation and engagement.

View through the door into the guest bedroom inside Costa Rican villa
View of the villa patio overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Nosara, Costa Rica
Deck chairs next to the infinity pool overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Nosara Costa-Rica
Sunset view from villa over looking the sea in Nosara, Costa-Rica
Beach sunset seconds after the sun disappeared from view behind the horizon