Fook and COVID-19

You don’t need us to tell you about the impact COVID is having, and how it has changed life for all of us. But we did want to share with you how we are hoping to make a small difference. Have a read if you are interested, and stay healthy out there.

Community outreach
We have been reaching out to our network to find ways that we can help charitable or community efforts. Whether that’s creatively or otherwise, we are keen to make a difference.

If you know of any such worthy causes that could benefit from a little creative input, please reach out to us.

Guidance and consultancy
This is a difficult time for many businesses and industries – ourselves included. While we aren’t qualified business coaches, what we can offer is expertise in marketing.

If you need help or direction with marketing priorities in this climate, we are happy to talk on the phone or over email. Get in touch from our contact page.

COVID creative pieces
We are also working on ways to effectively communicate important information at this time. With so many messages being delivered in so many ways, and often mired in negativity, we felt we could make a valuable contribution to delivering those messages with clarity, purpose, and a little more positivity. Check out our progress @fookcomm.

Following the rules
And, of course, our team is following government and medical guidance. We’re working from home, minimising social interactions, maintaining social distance, washing our hands…all the good stuff. Please do your bit too.